High-quality and certified materials

Unico orders the upholstery and padding materials from the best manufacturers in the industry, who follow standardized criteria and test methods. That's why we can guarantee that the sofas, beds and mattresses we manufacture are safe, high-quality and durable for all of their users.

Leg Collection

Unico's individual leg collection offers a huge number of stylish options, from modern metal to classic wooden solutions, with which you can customize your bed and sofa to match your interior. The sturdy, screw-down fastening structure of the foot products ensures a stable position, and the foot fastening does not loosen over time.

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Upholstery materials

Choosing the upholstery and color scheme for a new piece of furniture is one of the most enjoyable things. The upholstery fabrics and upholstery leathers used by Unico are tested with many methods, thanks to which our customers can be sure of the durability of the products. The Martindale and pilling values ​​of upholstery fabrics are some of the most important classifications. In addition to the Martindale and Pilling values, you should pay attention to, for example, the binding of the fabric, the structure, the lightfastness of the color and the durability of the seams.

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Martindale and pilling

Martindale tells about the abrasion or wear resistance of the product, which is divided into three categories: basic requirement level is 15 000–25 000 wear cycles, high requirement level  25 000-50 000 wear cycles and the for public spaces more than 50 000 wear cycles. Pilling value indicates the duration of pilling of the product. There are 5 pilling ratings, the highest being the best.

Genuine and artificial leather

Leather is a luxurious upholstery material that can be divided into two categories. Genuine leather is a natural and, if properly cared for, very long-lasting upholstery material that is very resistant to wear and tear. The leather does not get dusty and is therefore also suitable for people with allergies. Artificial leather is a synthetic material that is easier to care for than genuine leather, but at the same time more affordable and slightly less durable.

Certificates and memberships

The materials used by Unico are carefully selected and tested.

Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation

Products that have been awarded the official Allergy symbol have been tested and do not contain generally harmful and allergenic ingredients.

Allergia-, iho- ja astmaliitto


The polyurethane foam we use has been granted the international CertiPUR® certificate, which proves that it is free of harmful substances and free from dust. CertiPUR® standardized products are free of heavy metals and phthalates. The products are not allergenic and do not contain harmful dyes or organic compounds.


Finnish Assocation for Work

Our products have been granted the Finnish Association for Work's key flag symbol, which indicates a high degree of domesticity and quality, safety and responsibility.


Oeko-Tex® (Öko-Tex)

The international Oeko-Tex® certification is an international certificate stating the absence of harmful substances in textiles. In order to receive certification, the pH level of the product must be skin-friendly, the product must be free of harmful substances and the dyes used in the product must be non-toxic.