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Bed and mattress collection for professional use

Unico Pro hotel beds, designed for professional use by Unico, are a great choice for all types of accommodation, such as hotels, ships or ski resorts. The Pro bed collection includes durable box spring frame beds and continental bed options, the design of which has taken into account all the most important features required for professional use. Unico Pro beds offer a comfortable sleeping experience, easy maintenance and a durable technical structure in the same package.

The Pro bed collection includes seven bonnel and pocket sprung frame beds and two continental beds. All the products in the collection are available in several different frame widths and some of the products are also available in two different frame lengths. The upholstery fabrics and padding materials used in the Pro collection beds are fireproof.

Build quality designed to last

In the design of the beds, special attention has been paid to the strength and longevity of the structure. Depending on the model, the bed frames are made of domestic solid wood or strength-rated Kerto® wood. The bottom slats of the frames are attached from above, which makes it impossible for them to come off. Sturdy, bottom-twisted legs make the bed stable, and the leg attachment will not loosen over time.

Free of harmful substances

The Unico Pro hotel bed collection has been designed in cooperation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association, which has granted the products an allergy-free certificate. Pro products have also received Oeko-Tex® (Öko-Tex) and CertiPUR® certificates as an evidence of the absence of harmful substances in the materials used in the products.


The products have passed the flammability class 1 fire safety tests required for professionally used furnitures. An approved performance requires the fire safety requirements for bed components determined in accordance with the IMO 2010 FTPC Part 9 test (IMO Res.MSC.307(88) Annex 1 Part 9) and RTS RTS 08-11098 of the Finnish Construction Information Foundation (SIT 08-610087, KH 60-00506 ) of passing the tests. The tests were carried out by the independent and impartial Eurofins Expert Services Oy ↪.


Fire safety classifications

Mattress toppers

• Unico Proline |: EUFI29-20000014-T1

• Unico Proline ||: EUFI29-20000014-T2


• Unico Pro Classic: EUFI29-20000014-T3

• Unico Pro Max: EUFI29-20000014-T6

• Unico Pro Max Plus: EUFI29-20000014-T4

• Unico Pro Ergo: EUFI29-20000014-T7

• Unico Pro Ergo Plus: EUFI29-20000014-T5

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