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The Heaven By Unico is truly a revolutionary bed collection which exceeds even the most demanding of expectations. The Heaven mattresses, Elite, Fusion and Revive, are tuned to be extremely comfortable to sleep on with modern technical innovations, high-quality materials and superior finishing. The Elite mattresses are padded with viscoelastic Memory foam cushioning. Fusion mattress are a combination of Memory foam cushioning and EasyTouch steel pocket springs. The highly ergonomic Revive models consist of mattress toppers and separate bed frame collection.

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Elite Memory foam mattress

When you value uncompromising comfort and support, the Elite Air Feel™ Memory mattress is your choice. The layered padding structure of the mattress consists of patented Memory Gel foam and Flex Comfort support foam. The Memory Gel cushion molds to the weight of the sleeper, distributing it evenly over a wide area. Due to the astonishing structure, surface pressure produced by the body and the need to turn during night remains minimal. As a result, your sleep is deeper without nightly interruptions. Sleeping comfort can be maximized by ordering the Collection’s own Lounge bed frame and ergonomic gel pillows.


Available widths

  • 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm

Fusion duo padded mattress

The padding structure of the Heaven Fusion Nano Cool Memory™ mattress is a combination of the best of both worlds. The mattress contains both a Memory foam cushion and an EasyTouch steel pocket springs which makes it just superior in every sense. The Memory foam adapts to the body’s heat and weight and prevents the formation of unpleasant surface pressure. The EasyTouch pocket springs react individually to body movements. The end result is a mattress that offers sensational sleeping experience and back support. The Fusion product is upholstered with breathable NanoCool™ furniture fabric, which keeps the product comfortably cool throughout the night. The Fusion mattress is at its best with the Lounge bed frame, and collection’s own pillows and bedding.


Available widths

  • 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm

Revive mattress toppers and bed frames

Revive Air Feel™ Memory Ergo mattress toppers complete the Heaven beds’ superior sleeping experience. The breathable and heat-conducting upholstery material keeps the product comfortably cool throughout the night. The Revive mattress toppers can be ordered with both hard firmness or a luxuriously soft firmness. Removable cover of the products enables washing. The Revive mattress toppers can be purchased with frame or motorized bed frames as well as with Heaven Elite or Fusion mattresses.


Available mattress toppers

  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm
  • 180 x 200 cm


Structure of the padding

Elite mattress

  • Padding material: three-layer memory foam
  • Heat-equalizing fabric upholstery


Fusion mattress

  • Padding material: Memory smart foam and EasyTouch steel spring
  • The cushion also contains heat-filtering bamboo charcoal
  • Heat-equalizing Nano Cool fabric upholstery

Lounge bed frames

Elite and Fusion mattresses can be ordered in same package with a high-quality Lounge bed frame, which serves as the base of the bed structure. The Lounge frame is available in a frame bed format and as an adjustable motorized frame. Lounge frames are made from Finnish Kerto® wood. Lounge bed frames are manufactured at Unico’s Kauhava factory.

Pillows and bedding

Collection’s Air Feel™ Memory pillows offer the final touch to a perfect night’s sleep. The collection’s anatomically shaped pillows containing gel material provide excellent support for the muscles of the neck and shoulder area. The soft and brightly colored bedding of the Heaven collection is made from responsibly sourced, durable material. The collection includes protective sheets, pillowcases and elastic sheets.

Leg options

Recommended legs

Lounge bed frames and Revive beds are equipped with stylish sets of legs. The leg options included in the collection are a wooden round cone, a wooden corner cone, a metal champagne leg and a metal tubular leg. The heights of the legs varies from 180 to 230 mm.




Check out other leg options >


The collection includes two headboards to choose from – Gold and Diamond. The headboards can be combined with both Lounge bed frames and Revive beds. The stylish, understated Gold headboard is wonderfully suited to a restrained environment. The Gold headboard is available in black, white and gray upholstery fabric. The wonderful Diamond headboard is equipped with a convenient storage compartment. The storage compartment contains motion sensor-operated lights and USB plugs.


As a general rule, we offer our products a 10-year frame and spring guarantee, and a 5-year non-sag guarantee for the Memory foam mattress. Check out the product-specific warranty conditions in the store.


The collection’s bed frames and headboards are manufactured in Finland, which is why they have been granted the Finnish Association for Work’s flag symbol. All mattresses in the Heaven By Unico collection are Oeko-Tex (Öko-Tex) certified. Oeko-Tex guarantees that the product is free of harmful substances. Read more about certifications↪.



In-store availability

Alisa sofas are sold in Stemma stores all over Finland. Check the current availability from your local store. Learn more about our partner retailers↪.


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